Vegan toothpaste


Why vegan toothpaste?

Toothpaste with animal ingredients? That's hard to imagine. However, many conventional toothpastes are not vegan. Nowadays, a large part of the ingredients in most toothpastes are, of course, artificially produced. However, some of these substances are synthesised from animal raw materials, which is why the resulting product is no longer considered vegan. The use of animal testing in the production of toothpaste is another factor why many toothpastes are not completely vegan. The listing of ingredients on the toothpaste tube often does not indicate whether animal ingredients are included. The easiest way is to choose a toothpaste that is explicitly labelled as vegan, such as the happybrush SuperClean.

Non-vegan ingredients of conventional toothpaste:

• Lactoferrin (antimicrobial substance extracted from cow's milk)
• Glycerols from animal fats
• Beeswax and pollen (e.g. propolis)
• Animal bone meal (as abrasive)
• Animal testing during production

How well do vegan toothpastes work?

Don't worry about vegan toothpastes not cleaning and protecting as well as conventional toothpastes! With our happybrush SuperClean you're on the safe side. It has always been 100% vegan and strengthens your teeth with an optimal fluorid content of 1450 ppm! Zudem sorgt sie mit natürlichem Minzöl für frischen Atem und ein strahlendes Lächeln!

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