Toothpaste tablets


What are toothpaste tablets or tooth tabs?


Toothbrush tablets are the perfect, sustainable replacement for classic toothpaste tubes. In addition to conventional drugstores and various online shops, you can find toothpaste tablets in package-free shops where you can buy them with your own reusable can. 



How do I use toothpaste tablet?

To use, chew 1-2 tablets as needed until a pleasant foam forms in your mouth, which you then use to brush your teeth as usual.



The ingredients of the toothbrush tablets:


The main difference between toothpaste tablets and conventional toothpaste is their consistency. Toothpaste, for example, consists of about 50 percent water; the tablets, on the other hand, contain no water. With the toothbrush tabs from happybrush, the mint formula with xylitol takes care of intensive cleaning and strong all-round protection of the teeth. This formula also contributes to the pleasant, fresh feeling after use and makes it impossible to notice any difference from the toothpaste you are used to.



Benefits of toothpaste tablets:


In addition to its unique consistency, the toothpaste in tablet form also impresses with its particularly sustainable production. The compact, practical tab format saves weight, volume and thus also CO2 during transport. The ecological footprint can be offset by planting trees through a regional climate protection project in cooperation with the organisation ,,Climate Partner", making happybrush toothpaste tabs one of the few on the market to be climate neutral. The 125 tabs are equivalent to up to two tubes of toothpaste and are the perfect accompaniment for trips or outings. Thanks to their small tin, they are easy to store and can be used up hygienically until the end, so there is no need to squeeze out the toothpaste tube. Happybrush offers the possibility to refill the 100% recyclable tin after the tablets have been used up by using a refill pack, which comes in FSC-certified paper. The SuperClean toothbrush tablets by happybrush are a new way of brushing teeth - for all nature lovers, adventurers and "think about tomorrow today" thinkers.


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