Plaque staining tablets


How do I know that I am brushing my teeth properly?


There are special chewable tablets that stain the bacterial plaque on your teeth and make plaque visible to the naked eye. This way of checking plaque helps children learn proper dental care in a playful way and enables adults to recognise and correct possible cleaning weaknesses. Perfect for use at home!



Staining tablets - How can they help?


Humans are creatures of habit. So sooner or later, our dental care also becomes routine. Especially when we have to hurry in the morning and check our e-mails, stand in front of the wardrobe or skim the newspaper while brushing our teeth, we don't pay enough attention to clean our teeth properly. To do a little test here from time to time, staining tablets are just the right thing. They stain the unwanted plaque and show the areas where we need to brush more thoroughly. Individual cleaning weaknesses become visible and we get an indication of where dental care can be optimised. Plaque continuously forms on the teeth and must be removed regularly, as it is the main cause of tooth decay and gum disease. The less plaque you see when you use the staining tablets, the better your oral hygiene already is. Staining tablets are therefore the perfect prophylaxis at home!



Staining tablets - How are they used?


Before you start, make sure you are using an erythrosine-free plaque finder! Erythrosine (e127) is a pink food colouring that contains high levels of iodine, which can affect thyroid function, and has the potential to cause allergies!


Put a Plaque finder tablet in your mouth and chew it well. After about 30 seconds, run your tongue over your teeth and wipe away any excess tablet residue. Rinse your mouth with water and spit it out. When you look in the mirror, the result will be clear. What you now see coloured in is the otherwise barely visible coating on your teeth. For even more information, new tablets can even colour younger and older plaque differently. This two-colour system usually colours red and blue. The areas with older plaque are particularly interesting, because they show you areas that are always forgotten when you brush your teeth. Conclusions can also be drawn about brushing technique and the cleaning effect of oral care products.
After you've taken a picture, brush again. Brush your teeth thoroughly and floss the spaces between them to remove any stains for a bright smile!



Where can I get staining tablets?


Tablets for staining your teeth, often called pca tablets, are available for a small price on the internet or at your local pharmacy. You can choose between different variants, pack sizes and flavours. Fruit-flavoured products are not only popular with children! However, when buying plaque staining tablets, make sure that they do not contain erythrosine (e127), as described above.



And of course you can get your tools for perfect dental care in the fight against plaque from us, happybrush.