The situation

Liberia has been facing new economic, social and environmental challenges for many years. The population of Liberia is particularly affected by a lack of access to drinking water, sanitation, food and energy. Poor sanitation poses a risk to the health of the people of Liberia. The outbreak of the Ebola epidemic in 2014 showed this in particular.

ABOUT THE PROJECT (2018 - 2021)

With the project "Rebuild what is needed", the Welthungerhilfe organisation pursued specific goals in the Grand Geden, River Geh and Maryland regions in 2018 - 2021:

• Food security
• Reconstruction
• Hygiene improvement


With your diligent support, the people of Liberia are benefiting from the following today:

• 400 wells drilled in 21 communities
• Maintenance of water resources
• Nutritional training for 60,000 people
• Agricultural training
• Handicraft training
• Road construction

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