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For how long can I use a toothbrush?


For daily oral hygiene, we not only need a good toothbrush - but also one in good condition. Dentists recommend changing a toothbrush every 3 months at the latest for optimal cleaning. That's four toothbrushes per year!



We have three good reasons for you to change your toothbrush or brush head regularly



1.Worn out brush heads cause more harm than good


When making toothbrush heads, the nylon bristles are first all cut to the same height, resulting in sharp and jagged edges. Since they would not help oral hygiene this way, the end of each bristle is rounded off to a soft crest. Less rough and sharp edges can thus ensure that tooth enamel and gums are not damaged.
But the longer you use your manual toothbrush or the attachment head of your electric toothbrush, the more the bristles return to their original, ragged state. This can result in gum recession and abrasion of the enamel. Everything you need to know about tooth enamel is explained here.

2. Unpleasant germs can spread


This time frame also makes sense for hygienic reasons. Even if it seems obvious, you don't always think about it: The bathroom is a breeding ground for bacteria! To prevent your brush from harbouring too many bacteria that can negatively affect your oral health and general well-being, you should not keep your brush near the toilet. When you flush with the toilet lid open, a lot of bacteria are spread around the room - which nobody wants in their brush head, let alone in their mouth! So: Don't store your toothbrush too close to the toilet, close the toilet lid when flushing - and change the brush heads at regular intervals.
As a general rule, rinse toothbrushes well under warm water after brushing and dry them. It is best to store them vertically and make sure they do not come into contact with other brushes. To make it easier for you to store your happybrush toothbrushes, we have developed the Cube! It's not only practical, but also looks super stylish: So fresh - so clean!

3. Worn out bristles no longer clean so well


Lastly, the most important point: an old toothbrush simply doesn't clean your teeth as well! Even high-quality bristles wear out in the long run. Splayed bristles bend away from the teeth while brushing - plaque and caries get a chance. In addition, the bristles no longer find their way into your interdental spaces, where they are so urgently needed!
Regardless of the length of use, if the bristles are very worn, e.g. due to very high pressure when brushing, the brush head should be replaced earlier and you should work on a gentler brushing technique in the future! Your teeth and gums will thank you. 

The happybrush indicator bristles


We at happybrush have come up with something to help you find the right time to change your brushes. Apart from the fact that all our bristles are "made in Germany", we also have the "smiling indicator bristles". These show you when it's the right time to change them. If the smile fades, you know it's time to change the attachment head!
Apart from that, our brushes come in a practical cardboard box that fits through any mail slot. Take a look at our shop!


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