Dental floss

What is dental floss?


Dental floss is a thin ribbon made of plastic (e.g. nylon) or silk that is used to clean plaque and food debris from between the teeth. Dental floss is available in waxed and non-waxed form and is sometimes infused with mint flavouring or fluoride. Dental floss is distinguished from dental tape, which has a slightly wider surface. Dental floss is recommended by many dentists as an additional method of thorough oral hygiene..



Why should dental floss be used?


Dental floss is an important and simple means of prophylaxis against tooth and gum diseases, such as caries or periodontosis.
By effectively cleaning the spaces between the teeth, plaque can be removed even in places that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush. Since plaque provides a breeding ground for bacteria and tooth-damaging acids, it is even more important to remove it thoroughly.



Benefits of advantages


• Effective cleaning of the interdental spaces
• Easy to use
• Prophylaxis against tartar, periodontosis and caries
• Easy to take along when travelling
• Also suitable for children and teenager



Which dental floss should I use?


Our SuperClean dental floss, for example - it has a super-fresh taste thanks to its mint formula. What's more, its active ingredient chlorhexidine is antibacterial and the tear-resistant and flexible fibres clean your teeth particularly gently. It is also important for your dental health to choose the right components for your oral care besides floss. With our happybrush toothbrush, you can effectively remove plaque and discolouration with just two minutes of brushing twice per day. The fluoride-containing happybrush SuperBlack toothpaste protects your teeth with calcium and zinc!


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