The situation

Despite an upward economic trend, only 66% of the population in rural regions of Ghana have access to drinking water and only 9% have sanitation facilities. Especially in public institutions like schools, the water and sanitation supply for children is insufficient. This is not only a health risk - as the worldwide outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic has also shown in Europe. For girls and young women in particular, hygiene and sanitation facilities in schools are a crucial prerequisite for attending classes.

ABOUT THE PROJECT (2019 - 2020)

With the project "Clean Water for Ghana", Plan International has pursued three main goals in the Eastern, Central and Volta regions:

💧 Construction & renovation of water access points.

💧 Construction of sanitation facilities at schools

💧 Training on sanitation and hygiene

Another important goal was to provide 32,000 community members with free access to clean, affordable water and sanitation.

The result: with your help, the Clean Water for Ghana project was successfully completed at the end of 2021 with the following results:

💧 Construction & installation of 40 water points 

💧 Installation of 5 control facilities 
💧 Training on sustainable water management & repairs

💧 Hygiene training in all communities 
💧 Construction of 324 latrines 
💧 29 special sanitation facilities in schools for girls